Applying Plastic Windows For Sunroom

Plastic Windows For Sunroom – The window screen prevents insects and debris from entering your home through an open window. When holes develop on your window screen due to weather or other conditions, it is necessary to replace the screen. Removing and installing a screen from the window is done from within the house, no need to climb a ladder to access the screen. The screen is simply a matter of locking in place.

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Unlock the wing clips on each side of the window frame. The wing clips are the metal levers you pull out to release the plastic windows for sunroom. Grab the plastic lid finger on the bottom of the window frame with your fingers. Push the bottom of the screen while holding the plastic top finger. Take the screen with your free hand and angle through the window and into the room. Press the lower screen latches toward the center of the window screen. Push the bottom of the screen out and grab the screen by the sides.

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Pull lightly down to release the top clips from the window frame. Angle the plastic windows for sunroom and pull it through the window aperture. Unlock the wing tabs on one side of the window screen. Push the open side of the window screen and grab the top and bottom of the screen frame. Continue pressing the screen at an angle until the latches closed on the other side of the screen unhinge the frame.