Lunch Menu

Fried ChickenLunch 11:00 am -3:00 pm

*Please note prices are subject to change!

Daily Specials 4.99 !!

Soup & Salad (excludes Gumbo/She Crab)



Hush Puppies Basket               $4

Our savory hush puppies in Gullah spices

Hot Chicken Wings                  $6

Our fried wings with hot sauce on side

Gullah Fried Vegetables           $7

Green Tomato, Fried okra & Sweet potato fritter with creamy dill sauce


Gullah Shrimp Boil                   $7

Spice Shrimp with cocktail sauce garnish with lemon


Charlotte’s She Crab Soup           $6

Rich creamy crab bisque with a hint of sherry


Gullah Okra Gumbo                      $5

Okra and tomato base with shrimp, chicken and sausage with our Gullah spices


Awendaw Fish Head Stew            $4

A savory fish stew with Gullah spices


Vegetable Black Bean Soup $4


Jonathan Green Salad                    $6

Mixed greens with red onion, chopped tomatoes cucumber & brie cheese


Spinach Salad                                   $6

Mixed greens with red onion, chopped tomatoes, bacon and hardboiled egg


Gullah Garden Salad                      $5

Ice burg lettuce with mixed greens, carrots and red cabbage.

Gullah Chicken Salad                     $6

Our chicken salad with Gullah spices on a bed of lettuce.

Gullah Toppers


Grilled Chicken $4      Shrimp $5        Oyster $6       Salmon $6


Served with Gullah Slaw and fries

BBQ Chopped Chicken                               $7

Chopped chicken, marinated in our own barbeque sauce on a bun

BBQ Pork Sandwich $8

Chopped and marinated  in our own barbeque sauce on a soft bun

Gullah Burger $8

Angus beef burger with lettuce, tomato on a hearty bun. Served with onion rings add cheese, bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms for $0.85 per topping

Geechie Boy Shrimp                                 $10


Fried shrimp on top of lettuce and tomato with our homemade remoulade sauce

Geechie Boy Oyster                                     $11

Fried oyster on top of lettuce and tomato with our homemade remoulade sauce

Mc Clellanville Crab Sandwich $11

Pan fried lump crab cake with Gullah seasonings on lettuce and tomato with our homemade remoulade sauce on a soft bun.

Gullah Whiting Fish Sandwich                $7

Crispy fried whiting topped with lettuce and tomato & jalapeno tartar sauce.

Add Flounder or Catfish add                      $2

By Land

Served with corn muffin, red rice and collards

Gullah Fried Chicken               $7 White meat $1

Crispy fried chicken in our Gullah spices

Baked Chicken                             $7 White meat $1


Roasted bake chicken in our Gullah spices

Fried Pork Chop                           $8


Crispy fried Pork Chop in our Gullah spices

Vegetarian Plate                            $7

Collard greens, red rice & vegetable medley

By Sea

Grilled or Fried, Served with Fries, Gullah Slaw and Hush Puppies

Shrimp         $10                    Scallops       $11              Oyster      $11

Flounder      $10 Catfish      $9                    Combo 2      $12

Combo 3 $13.50                    Combo 4      $14.50

Lowcountry Delights

Served with Corn Muffin, Salad or Side


Okra Gumbo                      $9

Okra cooked with shrimp, chicken, and pork sausage served over white rice

Seafood Gumbo                $11


Shrimp, scallops, crab in a spicy fish gumbo

Shrimp with Hominy $12


Sautéed shrimp with onions and spices served in brown gravy over grits

Gullah Rice                        $9


Spiced rice with chicken, pork sausage, shrimp, & vegetables


Collard Greens $3            Red Rice $2

Vegetable Medley $3      Macaroni & Cheese $3

Gullah Slaw $3                  French Fries $2

House Salad $4                 Sweet Potato Fries $3

Gullah Rice $5


House Salad $2              Sweet potato fries $1

Gullah Rice $2


Prices are subject to change

Gullah Brunch Every Sunday – 11:00am – 4:00pm