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Sunroom ceiling ideas – Outdoor wall sconces are a great way to bring functional lighting and style to your porch. Whether you want to add porch sconces to create a welcoming atmosphere or security. There are number sconces available in many design options, materials. And also energy alternatives. Read on to learn more.

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Sunroom sconces placed at the correct height. Place fixtures high enough to avoid shining eyes and also shining down on the area throughout the porch. Sixty inches of standing level is standard. Installing a sconce on either side of the door ensures consistent sunroom ceiling ideas. If one bulb goes out, you will still have light. If you can put light on one side of the door, choose two pears. And then if you want to install a porch sconce on step-down siding, you will have to make a tresokkel to provide a horizontal surface for proper attachment.

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Choose a porch sconce that fits with your home’s exterior. There is sunroom ceiling ideas in countless design options. Vintage, nautical, arts and crafts, Spanish influence, rustic, Tuscan, mission, modern and contemporary are available from many online and retail sources. There is a wide range of material choices, including pottery, bronze, brass, wrought iron, copper and can be painted.