Sunroom Makeover Ideas Color

Sunroom makeover ideas – For a tropical-style sunroom, painting ceilings vibrant turquoise and walls mango yellow. A fuchsia ceiling with orange walls stenciled in metallic gold color creates a festive, Indian-inspired space. Add floor cushions covered in high-sheen fabrics and warm yellow, sapphire and magenta pots filled with tropical plants. A sunflower-yellow roof paired with royal blue walls are a different spin on this look. Avoid large swaths of saturated shades of green that could camouflage tropical foliage.

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All-White reflects light

Make light, airy all-white sunroom makeover ideas. Hang gauzy white cotton curtains around the large windows or French doors. Mirrors reflect more light. Select tables with glass tops and white bases. Spray-paint the old iron patio furniture white. Add softness to the room with white-on-white textiles and clothing. Frame fragments of antique lace in white frames. Old furniture, broken and weathered, fit in when you cleanse and anxiety it with a crackle or faux antique finish.

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Paint walls and trim a warm shade of off white. Reupholster the furniture to create subtle color and textural interest, and choose carefully patterned fabric in deep, earthy colors like red, gold and blue. Sunroom makeover ideas should be roughly the same amount on each fabric for a unified feel. Potted plants on wood accent tables and a bookcase or two filled with the titles with their covers removed, exposing bonds in muted colors, enhance the stimulating atmosphere. Paint the ceiling deep harvest gold or terra cotta for extra warmth.