Types Of Sunroom Roof Ideas

Sunroom roof ideas – Studio sunrooms also called shed sunrooms or single-slope sunrooms. According sunroom-Match. Com, they are the most popular sunroom option because of their versatility and affordability. Studio sunrooms simply extend out of the home. The roof can flat angled, and is call with a “straight eave roof.” National Sunroom Association recommends this style sunroom for single-level home.

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Gable sunrooms are characterized by their roof which is made of two panels that meet in a triangle. They are sometimes referred Cathedral sunrooms. The vaulted ceiling provides good drainage. A solarium sunroom looks like a winter garden style, as it is also entirely made of glass. However, stylish sunroom roof ideas are different from a winter garden. And is basically either a single open shed or gable roof with glass. The glass is sometimes curved where the roof meets the walls.

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The California sunroom is a new style sunroom with a modern design. These sunroom roof ideas is divided, with one side higher than the other to provide stylistic appeal and varied sunlight a day, a line of windows sits between the two roof levels. On the inside, since these results in one side of the room is higher than the other. California sunroom take can be solid or glass.